Terms and Conditions


Lobster Van Hire Ltd – Outline of our main terms and conditions

Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the terms exceptions or conditions of this agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the jurisdiction of the territory in which this agreement was issued.

  • The vehicle may only be driven by you (the named hirer) or any additional driver authorised by us IF an insurance proposal form has been completed and accepted.

  • You must pay for all fuel.

  • Our insurance gives you fully comprehensive cover. However, in the event of an accident, you are liable to pay an excess of £1000. This can be reduced to £600 by accepting and paying a £15 per day waiver on top of the daily hire charge.

  • The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when you hired it and must be clean and tidy. A charge of £50 will be made if cleaning the van takes more than 30mins.

  • You will be charged accordingly for any damage to the vehicle occurred while on hire.

  • You must inform us immediately if the vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen, or develops any fault.

  • You are not allowed to carry out any repairs to the vehicle (or let anyone else do so).

  • You must return the vehicle and the keys and everything inside the vehicle as it was at start of hire. This must be to the place where it was hired, unless otherwise agreed by us prior to the hire start date.

  • If the vehicle is returned more than 30 minutes after the agreed return time you will have to pay charges in accordance with our current tariff.

  • If you or anyone on your behalf deliberately causes damage to or loss of the vehicle then you will have to pay for the cost of repair or replacement of the vehicle, even though it was insured at the time.

  • The vehicle must not be taken outside of the United Kingdom without our prior written permission.

  • You will be charged 10p per mile if you travel more than 250 miles per day in our vehicle.

  • You are liable to pay for any fixed penalty offence, fines, charges, parking tickets etc that are obtained while you are hiring the vehicle – there will be an admin fee of £25 for processing any fines etc.

  • You must ensure the vehicle is always locked when unattended, and take all reasonable steps to prevent loss of or damage to the vehicle, its tyres, tools, accessories, equipment or contents.

  • We are not liable for any loss or damage to any property which is carried in the vehicle and we do not accept responsibility for any property which you leave in the vehicle when you return it.

  • The vehicle must not be used to carry passengers for hire or reward or for any driving tuition.

  • The vehicle must not be used in any such manner that it is overloaded or is carrying more passengers or goods than it was designed to carry or may lawfully carry.

  • The vehicle must not be used by any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • We are entitled to terminate the agreement if you break any of its terms, if this happens you must then return the vehicle immediately.

You will receive a copy of our FULL terms and conditions at the point of hire.